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Pass The Gravy, Please.

Hola, Cheekies!  It’s back to a normal schedule this week, thank God.  I love Christmas but I was soooo ready to have it over with this year!  I got that tree out of the house so fast I left a trail of fire to the front door and heaved that needle-shedding bitch right off the front porch and down to the yard.  Seeee ya!  Thanks for the memories!  And getting those kids back to school?  Ah, how sweet the sound..of silence.   You all know I adore my girls, and I would straight up kill anyone that hurt them, but I want my house back.  Neat, clean, organized…quiet.

With the weather being as cold as it’s been these last few days, I’ve spent a lot of time inside trying organize the bits and pieces that are now overflowing every bit of our home due to Christmas.  Why did I think that the Monster High high school and all of the tiny bits that go with it was such a great idea?  And all of the miniatures that go with the doll house that I got for the girls?  Tiny, tiny little wheels of cheese and minuscule loaves of bread and eggs in a bowl for the kitchen?  Ugh.  Oh Jesus, the 1200 piece elastic band bracelet making kit?  Was I on crack?  Do you know how many of those little bastards I have vacuumed up in a week?  I think the cat is eating them, too.

So I’m spending a couple of hours each day with totes large and small.  Tupperware buckets, Rubbermaid containers..oy.  Crap in containers.  Containers on shelves.  Labeled.  It thrills me to my little OCD core.  Will it last?  Nope.  But it’s nice while it lasts.   And the clothes?  Where?  Where did all of the clothes come from?  I didn’t buy that many, because my mother ia the big shopper for the girls clothes at Christmas (thanks, Mom!) but all of a sudden I can barely get Mad’s closet door shut.  Totally first world problems, I get that..but holy shit..stuff.

Did you guys make any New Year’s resolutions?  I don’t bother, because I have no will power and know better.  Shop less?  Ha.  As if.  Start running?  Only if someone’s chasing me with a gun.  Better parent?  No such thing.  A few years ago, things might be different, but our lives are so good, so blessed right now, it’s almost storybook, and I won’t gag you with the diabetes-inducing sweetness that I get to revel in every day.  The girls are happy and healthy.  They love Mark so much and it’s mutual.  To see them laughing with him, hugging and kissing him..makes my black little heart warm a little bit.  When he pulls in the driveway at night, one or both kids shrieks, “Mark’s home!”.  He gets kisses and loves and to hear them joking or see them cuddled up watching tv..oh.  Can’t even.

So the new year is off to a stellar start for us.  We’re warm, fed, clothed, healthy and together.  And anything else?  That’s just gravy.

Nice tree..time to go.

Nice tree..time to go.

Beautiful field behind the house.

Beautiful field behind the house.

World's Sweetest Sweetheart clearing the driveway.

World’s Sweetest Sweetheart clearing the driveway.




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    IF Mark had two broken legs and one broken arm, he’d still be out there dragging himself along and doing it himself.

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